Lichtenberg Burned Painting

Most paintings are made to go in any direction you please; we like to say you get four for the price of one, there is no right way up! These amazing unique pieces of wood wall art are made by sending electricity through a wood board. The electricity takes the path of least resistance through the many different grains in the wood. This means that each piece is completely random and unique to that piece of wood! After we have electrified the wood its set aside to dry for a couple hour. When dry we'll bring in and wire brush and give it a light sanding. We finish with paint by adding watercolor, pigmented resin, or an acrylic. Each piece is topped off with  4 coats of high gloss polyurethane to give a glossy top or .125" of high gloss resin to give a glass-like top.

All measurements are in inches and are approximate